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The Pinewood Derby

posted Jan 16, 2015, 3:02 PM by Webmaster Pack30

Pinewood Derby 2015

The pinewood derby will be held during our next pack meeting, on Feb. 11th. 

Now is a good time to start designing your car if you haven’t yet. Our specifications can be found here

There are many resources available to assist you in building your car.

  1. The scout shop will have an open test day on Jan. 24th at the scout office. They will have a track set up for testing your car as well as a scale to test weights. The scout office also has some great accessories (decals, tools, weights). So, check it out if you have a chance. 
  2. If you’re looking for more ideas, please check out one of the Lowe’s events as well. There is a fun template program on their Web site that will let you print out one of several choices of car style. 
  3. Jennifer Werner has been posting some great resources to the Facebook page involving the science behind the Pinewood derby. Check out these links if you have not seen them yet to provide you with that extra 'edge' when creating your car.
    Boys' Life - How to Use Science to make a Fast Pinewood Derby car.
    Boys' Life - How to make a fast pinewood derby car.
  4. Remember, you don't need a woodworking shop to make your car (although it does speed the process). Hand tools work just as well. Just remember to design your car first, apply the markings to the block of wood and cut as much away as possible before sanding. If you still have questions or need help, please contact your Den leaders or other committee members.
  5. Lastly, this is a fun project for your Scout to work on. Provide help where necessary, but remember, it's more rewarding if they do most of the work themselves.
In the past we have had awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as well as voting for best looking cars (fastest looking, best looking, etc.).

Race Day Notes:
It takes some time to run the races and register the cars, so please plan on arriving between 5:45-6:00 to get the registration out of the way so we can have everything for the 6:15 start time.