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Solar Eclipse 2017

posted Jul 27, 2017, 3:01 PM by Matt Wagner
BSA Eclipse Patch
Monday, August 21st, we have a unique opportunity to witness a solar eclipse. As our summer comes to a close, the Pack would like to offer a STEM opportunity to safely watch the eclipse and have some fund doing it.

While the full eclipse will occur farther south of us (see map below), we will still be able to witness most of eclipse from our location, with almost 93% coverage. It is a very engaging activity, that has been studied for centuries.
Phases in Milwaukee

The next eclipse in North America will be in August of 2045, and the next one to go directly over Milwaukee will be in September of 2099.

The plan is to meet at Buchner Park around 12:30 to build pin-hole projectors (construction video here).
Paper Pinhole Projector
We'll have some materials there, but if you have a box to bring with you, it would help. There are other methods for this as well, including the 2-folder method. We may have some glasses to view it with as well.

We need to cover safety with this, so we will start the day off with that. Please tell your scouts to NEVER look directly at the sun, or they will permanently damage their sight. We have many alternative methods to view the eclipse that will keep their eyesight for years to come.

All of this is weather permitting. Unfortunately, heavy cloud cover will prevent this activity, so it's all weather permitting.

There is a patch available for this. We will have worksheets available to fill out that help with that. This could also apply to STEM Nova and STEM Supernova awards if your scout is working toward those.

Additional information can be found here: