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Pack Camp Out - 2015

posted Jun 23, 2015, 12:34 PM by Matt Wagner
Thanks to all of you that came out camping with us in June.

Saturday ended up being pretty nice for most of the day albeit very humid.

We did a 2 mile hike, the Webelos I scouts helped make dinner, everyone got to be part of the foil packs as well. Also we had some fun with bean bag toss, lawn darts, soccer and a few other group games.

Thanks to everyone that took part on our Campfire program. I enjoyed the many skits we saw, and hope you all had fun too.

For those of you that weathered the heavy rains Saturday night, congratulations. For those that didn’t…you missed a very tasty breakfast. We all made it through the night, though (some dryer than others J ). Hopefully we’ll all be dried out before too long.

I’d like to hear you suggestions if you have a chance. If we didn’t so something you wished we did, or if there was something you absolutely did not like, I would like to hear it. If your scouts have any comments on it, I’d like to hear those well.

All of your scouts have progress toward their National Summertime Award. If they participate in an event in July and August, they will earn the pin for their rank. Check your e-mails for upcoming events.