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2015 Fundraising

posted Oct 14, 2015, 8:44 AM by Webmaster Pack30

Fundraising is a critical piece of our Pack's financial plan to allow us to continue to provide fun activities for our Scouts, and reduce your cost of participating in activities.  In addition it allows you an opportunity to have an account that can be used to defer some of the activity costs your scout may incur throughout the year.  The pack uses the funds raised by our families to register returning scouts and leaders, purchase advancement badges, fund supplies used for pack meetings and activities as well as programs that are paid for by the pack. A portion of these sales also goes to our Council programming and allows up to have fun year-round activities provided to our pack. These include, Swamp Fox, Winter Blast, River Rats and the myriad of Day and Summer camps available.

As a scouting family you can use scout funds to pay registration fees for camp-outs, day camps, Cub-o-Ree and other scouting activities as well as awards from the scout shop.

Wednesday, Sept. 9th will be our first Pack Meeting.  During this meeting, all of the materials necessary to fund raise will be handed out.  We will also have a popcorn tasting for scouts and families.  We will vote on the Pack's favorite popcorn and provide information on pickup dates, locations and provide some selling tips.

Please try to do the door-to-door show-n-sell this year. People are more likely to purchase product if you have it with you, and you can cover a lot of ground in your neighborhood in a short amount of time. Show off that Cub Scout uniform and talk about all the fun you've had in the past at the camp outs and activities. It's a great way to meet your neighbors and show that the Scouting program is active in your neighborhood.

This is our only major fund raiser of the year. If we are successful here, we will not have to hold alternative fund raisers later. Please help us be successful and reach our goal.

The sale starts Sept. 19th and runs through Oct. 17th. Please make sure you turn in your orders and money on Oct. 17th to give us enough time to tally, proof and order the product. Please only write one check for the total amount to Pack 30.
If you have any questions, please contact: Matt Wagner (Cubmaster), or Don Ellingsen (Product Coordinator).