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Summertime Activity June Hike

posted Jun 19, 2020, 8:23 AM by Matt Wagner have a hike scheduled for Saturday June 27th at Minooka Park.  This
will be a great opportunity to get out and enjoy nature. We intend on utilizing social distancing practices as best as possible and feel free to bring/use a mask as desired.  We will hike the yellow trail which is 3 miles long as part of the Trail Trekker's program.

 The scouts should wear class B uniforms(scout t shirt – the new one if you have gotten it from your den leader, or any other one you have) and make sure they bring the 6 essentials for hiking…

  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Flashlight
  4. Trail Food
  5. Sun Protection
  6. Whistle

We will need some adults to walk with us to assist in keeping up social distancing.

Any questions
 please feel free to send them to Steve Bradley


National Camp-in

posted May 6, 2020, 9:02 AM by Webmaster Pack30

Camp-in Patch
On Saturday, May 2nd, Scouts BSA held a camp-in with various activities and interviews to show our scouts something new to do at home.

For those that did not see the announcements from National, you can see the recorded streams here:

Some of the activities included:
  • Campsite Construction - Live Conversation with Arctic Skiing Adventurers - Campsite Checklist
  • Virtual 5K Hike for Feeding America - Race Bib
  • Cooke with a MasterChef Junior Fanalist
  • Moviemaking: behind-the-scenes set tour.
  • NASA Astronaut Doug Wheelock
  • Build a flashlight from Household Items - Supply List
  • Steve Wozniak Talks STEM - Cub Scout STEM Activities
  • Skillet S'mores - Recipe
  • National Virtual Campfire

Check it out if you have some time. It was fun and something different to do.

#ScoutingAtHome - May 2020

posted May 4, 2020, 2:48 PM by Webmaster Pack30   [ updated May 6, 2020, 9:14 AM ]

Let’s do something fun! This month would have been our camping meeting with skits, songs etc.  Take a picture or short video of you scout(s) doing something scout like.  Maybe helping a sibling with homework, cooking, being creative….and send them in to Mr. Johnson or post them on our Pack 30 Facebook page.  We can get them posted or put together a collage of pictures to show our scouts are still active.
Follow it up with a #ScoutingAtHome to be part of the nation-wide Scouts BSA activities.

If you're looking for ideas, the Three Harbors Council in Milwaukee has a weekly challenge posted on their site:
Scouting at Home May Challenge

Scouting for Food 2020

posted May 4, 2020, 1:54 PM by Webmaster Pack30

The Waukesha Food Pantry is in need of help.  We, along with many other Waukesha packs and troops have agreed to participate in a food drive.  Attached is a sign that you can print off and post in your front yard with a container.  The groups are looking to collect through the end of April and into May with a potential drop off collection on each Saturday.  

You may see announcements on Facebook, twitter and the Next Door App. for this event.  If you have the interest in assisting to collect food for those that are in need in our area, please consider putting up a sign and collecting donations. 
If you do, please report (to Mr. Johnson) the approximate number of pounds of food you've donated.

Swamp Fox 2020 Registration 5/5

posted May 4, 2020, 12:52 PM by Webmaster Pack30

Swamp Fox Family Camping is still on the schedule for fall.  Our pack has reserved spots on the last weekend in September.  If you have signed up already, Mr. Johnson will be reaching out to you to make sure you are still committed to going.  If you shave not signed up and are interested, please get him the names of those going and T shirt sizes.  Sign up night is slated for May 5th so I would need all info by May 3rd.

Scout Sunday - 2020

posted Feb 9, 2020, 10:43 AM by Webmaster Pack30

Scout Sunday is a time for the scouts to give back to their charter organizations and help out wit
h religious services or projects. Sometimes scouts wear their uniforms to church, or are positioned as greeters, or participate in part of the service, or are awarded their religious emblem that they have been working on. Each religious organization handles Scout Sunday differently, and may not always celebrate it on the 'official' date, so please check your religious leaders.

This year, Scout Sunday falls on Feb. 9th, 2020.

If your religious organization is not doing anything this year, maybe you can suggest something for next year.

Pinewood Derby 2020

posted Feb 6, 2020, 11:27 AM by Webmaster Pack30

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines! The Pack 30 Pinewood Derby is about to begin. Each year we host a Derby Day where our Scouts compete for the fastest or most stylish cars in the Pack. This year we will be handing out cars in December and race them in February, giving you two months to carve, sand and paint your car so that it’s ready for race day.

Attached to your car is our specification sheet and below are the rules and regulations, which we will use during the inspection day to ensure your car is “street legal”. This assures uniform weight and that the car will run down the track without issue. You have been assigned a number already. Please make sure that appears on your car. Also, please read ALL of the rules below, and read through the specification sheet. It speeds up the registration process if everyone comes prepared.

To accommodate all of our racers, this year we will be running the Race on Saturday, February 29th, 2020 at the Randall School Gym. Times will follow closer to the race day. This will allow us time to run the 50+ cars we will have in the race.  Each den level will be assigned a time to register their car starting at 8am with the race starting at 9am.

I know how exciting it can be to build a car yourself, but I implore you to please let your Scout do most of the work on this project. It is much more meaningful for them, and you will be surprised at the skill and creativity they bring to this project (See this article on car creation!). Even if it’s just a block of wood with wheels going down the track, it’s theirs and they will be proud of it. If, however, you really want to build your own car, or your Scout’s other siblings want a chance to compete, kits are available for purchase. They are available at the Scout Shop on Bluemound Rd. or at Sherper’s (call to ensure they’re in stock). 

If you have never done this before or are looking for more resources, I recommend the following resources to help you build your car:

  • The scout shop usually has an open test day in early January. They will have a track set up for testing your car as well as a scale to test weights. The scout office also has some great accessories (decals, tools,weights). So, check it out if you have a chance.
    Menards also has a great selection of accessories,lubricants and weights at good prices. Look for updates on dates and times.
  • If you’re looking for more ideas, please check out one of the Lowe’s events as well. has the details. There is a fun template program on their Web site that will let you print out one of several choices of car style. Some do not conform to our rules, so be careful.
  • There are some great sites on the Internet on the science behind the Pinewood derby. Check out these links if you have not seen them yet to provide you with that extra 'edge' when creating your car. (Again, please note you need to follow our rules about wheels and weights, not the suggested methods to make your car faster).
    Boys' Life - How to Use Science to make a Fast Pinewood Derby car.
    Boys' Life - How to make a fast pinewood derby car.
  • Remember, you don't need a woodworking shop to make your car (although it does speed the process).Hand tools work just as well. Just remember to design your car first, apply the markings to the block of wood and cut as much away as possible before sanding. If you still have questions or need help, please contact your Den leaders or other committee members.
  • Lastly, this is a fun project for your Scout to work on. Provide help where necessary, but remember, it's more rewarding if they do most of the work themselves. But, allow enough time to work on it. Don't try to do everything the night before, wet paint slows a car down :)


The following are the rules and regulations for our race. These were not put here to take the fun out of the event, but instead, to make the race fair for everyone. Also, if you win the Pack 30 event, your car is eligible to race at the Council level. These rules are followed there as well.

Rules & Regulations:

  1. The car must be built for the current Pinewood Derby Racing Season. NO REPEATS or REPAINTS.
  2. A completed car purchased or tuned from a third party is not allowed.
  3. Maximum Overall Width is 3”.
  4. Minimum Width between wheels is 1 7/8”
  5. Maximum Height is not to exceed 3”
  6. Minimum Track clearance (bottom clearance between the car and the track) is 3/8” (please keep this in mind when placing weights on the bottom of the car).
  7. Wheelbase: the distance between the axels must NOT be changed. You must use the existing Axel grooves.
  8. Front of the car: No part of the car can extend beyond the starting post and the front of the car must be no higher than ½” where it contacts the starting post. It must also be at least ½” wide at the center of the car.
  9. Official materials must be used: Wheels, axels, wood.
  10.  All parts must be securely attached.
  11. Wheel contact – At least 3 wheels MUST be in contact with a flat surface when the car is placed on it.
    The wheels must be attached to the sides of the car body, in an axel groove. Each wheel must be attached to the Car’s wood chassis with a legal axle.
  12. Wheel shape – THE SHAPE AND FORM OF THE WHEELS CANNOT BE MODIFIED OR RESHAPED, however wheels may be sanded to remove molding burrs. Wheels may not be tapered or rounded.
  13. Maximum Weight – Not over 5 ounces (141.75 grams).
  14. Lead (Pb) weight, if used, must be completely sealed and safe from all possible contact with youth.
  15. Dry lubricants only for axel lubrication.
  16. No starting devices or propellants.
  17. Most of all, have fun!

The voting categories this year are:

  • Most Scout-like
  • Most Patriotic
  • Fastest Looking Car
  • Most Realistic Car
  • Most unlike a Car

If you have questions on any of this, please ask. We just want to have a good time and be fair to all.

Jan. Pack Meeting

posted Jan 8, 2020, 8:14 AM by Webmaster Pack30

We made it!  The kids are back in school and loving it…well, maybe we love it.

Our January Pack meeting is this Wed. (1/8) at 6:15pm in the gym at Randall.  This meeting is our annual STEM themed meeting so we have a couple of creative projects that the scouts will be building. 

We also will perform our Bobcat ceremony for those hardworking scouts who achieved their rank.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday.

Dec. Pack Meeting

posted Dec 10, 2019, 7:16 AM by Webmaster Pack30

Just a quick reminder to everyone that our December pack meeting in this Wed., Dec. 11th at 6:15pm – 7:15pm.

In the spirit of giving of ourselves and helping those who need our help we will again will be having our “snow ball” fight using our ready to donate socks!  Please bring a pack of new socks that we can turn into “snow balls” and have some fun that evening.  We will then collect them at the end of the meeting to be washed and donated to our local Hope Center.

We also thought that because our school is so generous in allowing us to use the facilities for our meetings that we would collect any items that you wish to donate for the makers space.  The attached form is from the school listing items that they use readily.  We can collect them and donate from our pack to them.

We will also have a Bobcat ceremony to highlight the recent accomplishments of some of our newest scouts.

Scouts will also make a fun project to take home.

Other notes:  you should have received an email from your scouts den leader requesting a shirt size.  Please let them know so we can order up our Pack 30 shirts.  If you want to order a shirt for yourself, let them know that as well.  Adult shirts will be $15, payable to our pack.

See everyone Wednesday!

Fundraising Due 10/12

posted Oct 21, 2019, 7:30 AM by Webmaster Pack30   [ updated Oct 22, 2019, 11:40 AM ]

Happy Saturday!! 

Just one last reminder that fundraising forms are due today!  Please let me know if you have a form outstanding still. 

Our address is in the e-mail sent to the parent's group. You could also check the "Parent Messages" section on the left. Please place in the blue bin on the steps. 

Feel free to email or text me if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.


Jenn Wray

Fundraising Coordinator - Pack 30

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